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How to Give Your Brain a Boost

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No doubt you own a smartphone and have heard all about smart homes and smart cars — but have you heard about smart drugs?

Also known as nootropics, these smart pills are designed to give your brain a boost. In a supplement industry that already generates tens of billions of dollars every year, they are becoming increasingly popular. To understand why nootropics are all the buzz, let's take a look at who is driving the initiative, what they really are and how you can safely take part in the nootropics craze.

Silicon Valley's Brain Vitamins

Nootropics aren't exactly a new thing. As Forbes points out, they've been around since the age of disco. But Silicon Valley has put a new spin on smart drugs by opening a new market for supplements designed to make us smarter. Tech insiders, entrepreneurs and college students are all using nootropics for mental focus and clarity, including memory enhancement, a better attention span and improved learning capacity. And there are plenty of people who love the results, with fans claiming the ability for nootropics to protect your brain’s neurons from damage and help improve its response to information received from your five senses, according to Men's Health.

How to Choose the Best Nootropics

Knowledge is power — and that is true in life and in the supplement aisle. When you're shopping for supplements, there are several important things you want to note, including the brand (only choose one you can trust). A trustworthy brand will produce nootropics that are best for you.

For example, Orb Mental Focus + Mood offers a two-in-one delivery system for time-released power and a blend that combines ingredients such as:

  • Cognizin (citicoline), a supplement ingredient that naturally occurs in your brain and may support focus, memory and attention
  • Sensoril®, a best-selling ashwagandha extract that contains the leaves and roots of Withania somnifera to support energy levels, boost mental cognition and support cardiovascular health
  • TeaCrine®, a patent-pending compound that contains theacrine, a natural substance found in lea leaves, coffee and some fruits that has been shown in pre-clinical and clinical studies to deliver increased energy and mental clarity without the harmful effects of stimulants

What About Safety?

Here's the thing about supplements. They are not all created equally — they just aren't. That's why you need to understand what you're taking and how to take it. And, of course, find a brand that you trust.

The FDA recognizes that supplements can be very beneficial, but they don't review them. Instead, manufacturers and distributors are responsible for making sure their products are safe. If you have any health issues or are taking medication, you should talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist to make sure nothing in the nootropic supplement blend you're considering could interact with your condition or other drugs you're taking.

We're all looking to get that edge that allows us to perform our best. That's why nootropics are so popular. Everyone wants a brain hack that will get them firing on all cylinders, ready to crush the day.