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Six Productivity Tips to Help You Get Ahead

Published in: Work

If you want to level up in your career, you need a potent mix of creativity, innovation and boldness. You also need to be productive in your current position and as you pass all the milestones on the road to your ultimate destination. To help you stay productive and edge your way toward the future, consider these six tips to help you get more done, faster.

1. Use the Five-Minute Rule

Do you find yourself putting things off, only to end up with a pile of to-dos at the end of the day? Try this tip from Monster: If you can do something in five minutes or less, tackle it immediately. Otherwise, you risk wasting time re-familiarizing yourself with the task when you get back to it. If you add it all up over multiple tasks all week long, you could be wasting a huge amount of time that you could otherwise spend on getting ahead.

2. Stay Open to Opportunity

Once upon a time, people had clear career trajectories. You could go to college followed by getting a job or go straight to work until you retired. Today's job market is nothing like that. With the risk of layoffs, outsourcing and mergers looming somewhere on the horizon for many workers, the smart thing to do is to always have one eye on new and emerging opportunities. That means building a strong online presence, keeping your resume sharp and never closing yourself off from something new, according to The Muse.

3. Stay Focused

To stay sharp, you need to know when your peak times are. Are you more focused when you first get into the office, or do you find that you're more alert after you've been at it for a while? In addition to knowing when you're most productive, it helps to focus on individual tasks instead of multitasking and take short breaks throughout the day.

4. Stay Alert

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5. Set Micro Goals

Whatever your vision for your career, having goals is important. But here's the thing — if you make those goals too large, they can feel overwhelming. And that can be counterproductive. Instead, Forbes recommends giving yourself micro goals and reinforcing your vision every time you hit them. All. Day. Long. Try it. You'll be surprised at how much you get done and how good you feel.

6. Avoid the Email Loop

According to a study published in the The Washington Post, the average worker spends more than four hours of the work day checking emails. Four hours! Instead of constantly checking for new mail, devote two or three blocks of time to reviewing and responding to emails. You will spend less time overall. Even more important? Research suggests that for every email interruption, it takes you about 64 seconds to recover. By whittling your email processing to specific times of day, you are better able to focus on the tasks at hand.