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Tips for Sleeping Through the Summer Heat

Published in: Rest

Is summer's sizzle keeping you from getting your zzz's? We've all been there — the tossing, the turning, the sweating. Even those of you who prefer sultry warmth over the chill of winter have to admit too much heat is no fun. Its. The. Worst. Research suggests that sleeping in a hot room makes it harder to fall asleep, and it interferes with the quality of sleep once you finally drift off.  

Luckily, Orb has a few tips and tricks to help you beat the heat and humidity and regain the chill you need for quality sleep that's sure to recharge your batteries for another day of sun and fun. Whether you don't have air conditioning or you're roughing it on a rustic vacation in a heat wave, these tips and tricks can help you beat the heat and get more sweet slumber.

Change Where You Sleep

You may not be able to control the weather, but you can control where you lay your head at night. If you normally sleep in the second or third story of your home, it's time to change things up. Heat rises, making the upper floors less comfortable than the lower level. If you can't temporarily sleep downstairs, consider asking friends or family with air conditioning for mercy if the heat is extreme.

Control the Temperature

You can't achieve effective room-wide cooling without AC, but that doesn't mean you don't have some measure of control. For example, using blinds, shades or room darkening drapes to block the blistering rays of the sun can keep your bedroom substantially cooler than it would be if you just let all the light in during the day. Likewise, opening the windows on cool nights to create a cross breeze or to insert a box fan to pull the hot air from your room can make the temperature inside bearable.

Get Sheet Savvy

Silk and satin sheets may feel luxurious — but they can also leave you feeling like a hot mess. When temperatures rise, switch to crisp, lightweight cotton sheets instead. The material is breathable and promotes improved airflow, allowing you to sleep cooler. Even better, pop your sheets and pillow cases in the freezer while you watch your favorite nighttime show before bed for a lovely chill that can help lull you into dreamland.

Supplement Smartly

The right supplement can help you relax and fall asleep easier, no matter how hot it is outside. Case in point: Orb's Sleep Complex is one of the most effective ways to help you sleep at any time of year. The innovative formula contains a time-released blend of relaxation oils and L-theanine to promote calm and relaxation. Valerian and melatonin help with relaxation and improved sleep, while vitamin B12 helps you wake feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.   

Water Wisdom

Drinking a glass of water before hitting the (chilled) sheets can help stave off dehydration caused by sweating at night. You could also consider taking a tepid shower or bath before bed to help bring your body temperature down and leave you feeling clean, cool and comfortable when you turn in for the night.

With a little creativity and strategizing, you can beat the heat and still get a great night's sleep. Considering camping in your backyard or sleeping in a hammock? Great ideas! Just make sure you remember the insect repellent!