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Why You Need a New Multivitamin

Published in: Wellness

Achieving wellness is all about finding your perfect balance. You eat well, you get up and move regularly and you practice mindfulness and meditation. But you could still be suffering from nutrient deficiencies. That's where a great multivitamin comes into play.

Unsure why you need to take a vitamin? Consider this: While the foods you eat are a great source of nutrients, you might not be getting as many vitamins and minerals as your body really needs. As Dr. Julian Whitaker points out, food isn't quite as nutrient-dense as it was back in the day. The soil might be depleted of nutrients. Also, the way food is grown (hello, pollutants and pesticides), stored and transported could leave you vulnerable to gaps in nutrition.

Low dose one-a-days can help protect you from becoming deficient in key nutrients, but potent multivitamins can actually help you tap into your own superpowers. As Better Nutrition suggests, you may experience more energy, less stress or an increased overall feeling of wellbeing. Your future self could also enjoy some of these potential benefits.

Becoming Your Best Self

Quality, potency and innovative delivery methods are what make the best multivitamins stand out. For example, Orb Men's Multi + Fish Oil features a powerful two-in-one delivery system that delivers essential vitamins and minerals with a full dose of fish oil in a single serving. The time-release formula maximizes your benefits so you can reap all the rewards, including a sense of wellbeing that lasts through the day.

Aging Slowly

Aging is a part of life, but that doesn't mean you have to look or feel your age. Better Nutrition points out that research suggests people who take multivitamins look younger and have less age-related damage to their DNA than people who don't.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition examined the effects of a multivitamin on weight by dividing subjects into three groups. One group received a multi, the other received a calcium supplement and the third received a placebo. Those who took a multivitamin had a lower body weight and tended to expend more energy while resting compared to the other two groups. Researchers also noted that those taking the multivitamin had reduced appetites.

Thinking More Clearly

If you choose a multivitamin with citicoline, you support your brain's energy levels. That's why the best multivitamins include it with the rest of the vital nutrients in their formulas. For example, Orb Women's Multivitamin plus Fish Oil contains Cognizin, a patented type of citicoline that helps keep your brain energized so you can stay alert, focused and sharp all day.

Protecting Your Heart

Research suggests that a multivitamin can reduce your risk of heart disease, according to Better Nutrition. Components like vitamin E and fish oil provide protection for your cardiovascular system, including lowering blood pressure, reducing triglycerides and even slowing the accumulation of plaque in your arteries. Even better? Look for a multi with Sensoril, a blend of Withania somnifera leaves and roots that is backed by 10 clinical studies that showing benefits like improved cardiovascular health, boosted energy and improved mental cognition.

To be truly Future Human, you need to choose the smartest and best multivitamin out there to fuel your mind and body.