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You Need Sleep

Published in: Rest

We've all been there. You're so short on sleep you feel like you're going to trip over the bags under your eyes. You power through the day, but you just don't feel 100% like yourself.

You're not alone, but you could be missing out. Sleep is one of the most powerful forms of natural medicine available. It boosts your energy levels, helps you manage stress and improves — well, everything! After all, sleep time is the time your body heals and restores itself. So, it's not surprising that a lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your health.

Not getting enough sleep is a real drag. Not only do you feel drowsy and sluggish, but you miss out on some of the awesome benefits of getting a good night's sleep. Need more proof that sleep is a superpower and worthy of prioritizing? Check out these benefits:

Boost Your Memory

You know how you tend to think more clearly when you're rested? It turns out that while you're snoozing, your brain gets busy transferring information, making the connections between brain cells stronger and solidifying memories. Not only can you learn and remember better, you can also focus more clearly and even come up with fresh ideas.

Improve Athletic Performance

Want to improve your stamina and perform better? Next to training and a healthy diet, sleep might be one of the most important secret weapons an athlete or fitness buff could have. The National Sleep Foundation reports that Serena Williams prioritizes getting to bed early. The tennis great, like other top-notch athletes, knows how important quality sleep is to energize the brain and body and rebuild muscle.

Maintain Your Weight

Research has shown an undeniable link between losing weight (and staying at a healthy weight) and getting plenty of sleep. Health cites a University of Chicago study that found dieters who were well rested lost about 56% more fat than those who were short on sleep. Science shows there's a strong link between sleep and metabolism.

Support Heart Health

Not getting enough sleep is also linked to heart problems. The Huffington Post points out that regularly not getting enough sleep can cause your cortisol levels to soar. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes your heart work harder, leading to an increase in the stress on your cardiovascular system.

Get Your Glow On

There's a reason they call it beauty sleep. Getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep every night does everything from minimize wrinkles to brighten your eyes. Your skin forms collagen while you're sleeping, leading to more plump skin that's less likely to dry out. It also boosts the flow of blood to your skin for the ultimate glow.

Tips to Get a Good Night's Sleep

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your snooze. We gathered up some key ways to help you sleep, which include:

  • Turn off electronics at least 30 minutes (preferably two hours) before turning in.
  • Banish the alarm clock from view to minimize racing thoughts that keep you awake.
  • Invest in the right pillow to support your neck and keep you comfortable.
  • Get on a sleep schedule of waking and turning in at the same time every day, even on weekends
  • Supplement wisely with a time-released blend designed to give you quality zzz's.

Looking for some sweet slumber? The right supplement can make all the difference. For example, Orb Sleep Complex contains a time-released blend, including melatonin and valerian to help you relax, L-theanine to help calm you and B-12 to help you wake refreshed.