Sharpen Your Focus – ORB™ - Welcome to the Future of Vitamins

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Key Ingredients

Huperzine A and Cognizin¨

Helps increase alertness and combats mental fatigue


Provides a quick source of energy


Supports a calm but alert mental state

Fish Oil

Brain health support

Mental Focus + Mood<sup>†</sup>

Mental Focus + Mood

It’s one thing to be smart, but are you sharp? ORB
Mental Focus + Mood is designed to fine-tune your focus. Caffeine and L-Theanine help support a calm but alert mental state, providing a smooth, time-released energy that you can actually feel working. This formula helps support memory and cognition in synergy with fish oil. When you need to be at your best, know that ORB Mental Focus + Mood is working for you.

Hello, #FutureHuman. Welcome to the future of wellness.