Sharpen Your Focus – ORB™

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Mental Focus + Mood

Fine-tune your focus with Caffeine, L Theanine, Cognizin and Fish Oil.

Key Ingredients

Huperzine A and Cognizin¨

Helps increase alertness and combats mental fatigue


Provides a quick source of energy


Supports a calm but alert mental state

Fish Oil

Brain health support

Mental Focus + Mood

Mental Focus + Mood

You Need Focus. ORB’s Mental Focus + Mood uses innovative time-release technology to deliver ingredients for a consistently alert state of mind all day long.


  • Optimum focus with ingredients released all day

  • Feel energized with naturally sourced caffeine

  • Promote calmness with L-theanine

  • Stay alert + fight mental fatigue with Huperzine A + Cognizin

  • Support brain power + memory with a full dose of fish oil.

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