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Smooth Energy Complex

Perk up with Time-Released Caffeine, MCT Oil and Vitamin B12.

Key Ingredients


Provides a quick source of energy


Supports a calm but alert mental state without the jitters

Vitamin B6 + B12

Essential nutrient that helps convert our food into fuel 

Smooth Energy Complex

Smooth Energy Complex

You Need Energy. ORB’s Energy Complex uses innovative time-release technology to deliver ingredients that fuel your body so you can feel alert with smooth, consistent energy all day long.


  • Sustain energy with ingredients released all day

  • Feel energized with naturally sourced caffeine

  • Stay calm + alert with L-theanine

  • Maximize nutrient absorption with MCT Oil

  • Fuel your body with Vitamin B6 + B12

Hello, #FutureHuman. Welcome to the future of wellness.